Guest Internet Solutions Internet Hotspot Gateway

Connected to the Internet: YES

Setup Wizard
Advanced Settings

Connected Users
The list below contains details of users connected to this device.
Authenticated users (logged in):

Mac address OS/Browser Time left Bytes In / Out Code WAN
d4:be:d9:a1:00:ee Linux/Firefox 0h 26m 3627K / 544K EA2A2G 1 X X
X Logout user. X Logout and block user from this hotspot.
Blocked MAC addresses can be released here
WAN shows the Internet port allocted to user.
Click on WAN port to change port allocation.

Connected users (using the gateway):

Mac Address IP Address Blocked IP Blocked MAC Allowed MAC
MAC addresses are blocked manually (above) and by the firewall, they can be realeased here
IP addresses are blocked automatically for abusive use of the service
Abuse can be caused by viruses, trojans or a malicious user
IP blocks are automatically removed after the abuse stops

IP addresses issued:

Mac Address IP Address Host Name Lease Expiry Time
The IP address list is provided to show network usage not logins or Internet usage
Devices may connect and get an IP address but not attempt to use the Internet


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